SPS855 meets all your needs

Whether you need a reliable GNSS base station or a rugged rover, the TrimbleĀ® SPS855 GNSSModular Receiver gives you the flexibility to perform all of your construction site measurements. As a permanent or semi-permanent base station, it provides GNSS corrections for site measurements and machine control.Ā 

SPS855 data sheet


  • Highly flexible base or rover for construction site measurement
  • Place the receiver where it is protected from theft and weather, then place the external GNSS antenna in a location with clear visibility to the sky
  • Rapid daily base station setup with a single button push using autobase technology
  • Integrated battery that also acts as a UPS power supply
  • Web UI tool gives you access to your base no matter where you are

Technical Information

  • As a Base Station only
  • As a Rover only with SBAS or OmniSTAR capability
  • As a Rover only with Location RTK accuracy
  • As a Rover only with Location RTK accuracy and Precise Vertical
  • As a Rover only with Precision RTK accuracy
  • As a Base / Rover with Precision accuracy
  • Optional GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
  • Optional GPS L5