Reporting solutions

The LOADRITE™ Printer is compatible with every LOADRITE™ onboard weighing system. This direct plug-in accessory delivers time-stamped and dated hard copies of all weighing information instantly.

Using data stored in the console memory more detailed reports can also be produced depending on the model, such as:

  • Shift, daily or weekly accrued totals
  • Product usage
  • KPI report

Daily product totals

Operators can easily report loading activity through the day with daily product totals such as:

  • Daily customer totals – summary of total product loaded for customer (customer report)
  • Daily truck totals – summary of total product loaded for trucks (truck report)

The LOADRITE™ printer is suitable for single or duplicate paper

Detailed Reports

The customer report is a type of summary report where the data is grouped and summarized by customized data fields. At installation the customer is able to select which categories they would like programmed. In this example a customer total report has been generated showing a standard report of what has been loaded for each customer today.

LP950 Printer

LP930 Printer

LOADRITE printers

A standard report includes:

  • Date and time
  • Company name
  • Loader/operator identification
  • Onsite loading location
  • Required amount of product
  • Truck identification
  • Docket identification
  • Product loaded and total truck payload weight
  • Individual bucket load weights
  • Compact size
  • Fast printing speed
  • Standard paper roll size
  • Minimal maintenance